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Understanding customers’ contacts

All your customers’ contacts will be stored in the Customer menu on the app. They can be:

  • Created manually by tapping on the + sign and filling out the fields with the details.

💡 This process can be done on any device logged into the app. The data will be uploaded to the server and become available to all users in the same account as long as they have access to an internet connection.

  • On your online catalog customers can register their orders by creating an account using their email address, Facebook or Google login credentials and, if allowed by you, using the Guest login option.

  • When using a Guest login the customer has to add a contact information and a delivery address but the data won’t be stored on the Customers menu, only on that single order that was made.

As the system registers the contacts according to the source of the customer information, data arriving from the online catalog has a different code than the one registered directly in the app. This means that a contact created by your customer when making their order online cannot be changed by you on the app, as any changes will be overwritten by the data already saved.

There isn’t also the possibility to merge duplicate contacts, as they each have a different registration number. We always suggest keeping the contact created by the customer on the catalog active and deleting the one created by you on the app because if the first is deleted, it will be recreated when your customer log into your catalog again.

⚠ Kyte supports up to 1000 contacts on the Customers menu so if more are added, they will appear on the customer report but no longer in the app. ⚠

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