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Verifying your catalog's domain in Facebook

This is step 4 of the Kyte, Facebook and Instagram integration. If you already verified your catalog's domain, there is nothing left to do in Facebook. Now you need to set up a business account in Instagram and submit a request for Instagram Shopping.

Don’t have a feed of your Kyte catalog in Facebook yet? Don’t worry, here is how the integration is made.

⚠ These steps need to be completed in a web version of Facebook, the app does not have the same functions. ⚠

Go into the Facebook's Business Manager and in Brand Safety select Domains. Tap on Add. Paste your catalog’s URL with only the name of your business and kyte.site, remove the https:// and the last / for example: wear-kyte.kyte.site and tap on Add.

Select the Upload an HTML file to your root directory and tap on Verify Domain, the process is done automatically by the system. If the button does not appear, zoom out the screen using the three dots at the top right of the screen.

To return the screen to normal size, press Ctrl+0 (zero) on your keyboard or Reset. Click Done to complete the process.

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