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What does Kyte do?

Kyte is designed to provide you with tools to offer your customers the best shopping experience, with it you will have in hand a complete point of sale for ecommerces and to use in physical establishments, equipped with a barcode reader, up to 10.000 products, stock control, online and offline orders, a multi-user system, customer registration, personalized receipts, debt management, reports and statistics.

Promote your products on a personalized website with online payment methods and integrated WhatsApp, without paying a penny. Offer your customers the option to pay later, integrate your online catalog with Facebook** and **Instagram to increase your visibility and reach out to your customer quickly and easily.

Interested? Then download it for free or create your account in the web version and test all our functions with a 7 day trial period. Tap here for information on our prices and plans!

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