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What does Kyte do?

Kyte is a sales, management and customer engagement platform designed for small retailers.


With our app you can:

πŸ’° Create a free
sell in-store, online and on the go;
🧾 print or send receipts by WhatsApp, e-mail or in PDF;
πŸ“¦ control your inventory;
πŸ™‚ manage your customers and staff;
🌎 get a free website to advertise all your products and place orders.


Use the features to:

βœ” have control of your inventory and stock;
βœ” keep you business open 24/7;
βœ” get feedback on your profits, sales, product demand and staff;
βœ” manage your team as well as their results;
βœ” set taxes and fees to your checkout;
βœ” get data that will help you plan your business' growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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