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Yes, Kyte has it!

Does Kyte have a free version? Yes!

Does Kyte have a subscription discount? Yes!

We offer two plan options and we don't charge a commission, so the profit from your sales is all yours!

The FREE plan can be used free of charge forever and has the features you need for beginners. The PRO plan has different prices depending on the region you are in, so find your country here. It comes with advanced sales and administration functions, during the trial period in the first 7 days of creating your account, all features of the PRO plan are available for free. When that time expires, all logged data will still be available to you, but access to advanced features will be disabled.

You can subscribe directly in the app, using Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you prefer other forms of payment, access the subscription center on the website.


Does Kyte have Google Shopping integration? Yes!

You can advertise your products on Google Shopping and exponentially expand the reach of your business. Just follow the steps here to get access to the best tools Google has to offer.

Does Kyte have Facebook Shopping integration? Yes!

You can integrate your account with Facebook Business Suite so that your customers are directed to the online catalog by tapping on the product featured in your stories.

Does Kyte have Facebook Pixel integration? Yes!

You can access your online catalog reviews and website interaction results on the Facebook Pixel once the integration is complete by following the steps here.

Does Kyte have integration with Instagram Shopping? Yes!

You can integrate your online catalog with Instagram Shopping so your customers are directed to checkout when tapping in the advertisement or story.

Does Kyte have Facebook Food Ordering integration? Yes!

Do you have a food business and want to take orders straight from Facebook and Instagram? With this integration an Order Food button will appear on your profiles and in your stories.

Does Kyte have a backup of my data? Yes!

Yes, Kyte saves your data in two ways:

  • In your device's memory, if it is not connected to the internet
  • On our cloud, following all of Google's security protocols and with real-time updates, as long as your device is connected to the internet. This allows you to access your data from any device by logging into your Kyte account.

⚠ Logging out of your account, clearing the cache or deleting the app without the data being properly synchronized with our server will result in loss of data. To avoid this just deactivate and reactivate your device's internet connection while keeping the app open, this will force the app to sync with the server and update your Kyte account with the latest data. ⚠

Does Kyte have a security protocol for my information? Yes!

Kyte is built on a Google platform so it has their security protocols activated. Your data can only be accessed through the app or the link of the web version but logging in using an email address and password defined by you on the user's creation.

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