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How do I set up my shop to sell on Kyte?

Just remember that when installing the app for the first time you will have access to the PRO plan for 7 days, so you can enjoy all the features and benefits at no cost.

Here is a step by step to set up your shop and sell on Kyte.


1) Create your Kyte account

Select the login option that is faster and safer for you. Choose between your Facebook, Apple or Google login to access the app immediately or tap on E-mail to create the account directly on Kyte.

Enter a valid email address. At the end of this process, you will receive a confirmation code.

If the email has not yet been used on Kyte, a screen will appear to fill in your username and password.

Confirm your account with the 6-digit code received in the email entered above.

⚠ If our message is not in your inbox, it may be in your junk mail or SPAM. ⚠

‍2) Add data, details and images of what you are going to sell

Make your products or services irresistible by adding customized text with gifs and emojis in the description, photos from different angles and categories that guide your customers to what they need. 😎

In the Products menu, tap on the + sign.

Fill in all necessary data, especially price and cost, as these will be used to calculate your profit in the reports and Analytics menu. Take advantage of the description to provide important details to your customers. They will have the opportunity to get in touch with questions using the WhatsApp icon.

πŸ’‘ It is possible to change the image size before adding it to the app, but we suggest using a 1.2:1 scale with 1008 x 840 pixels if possible.‍

Remember to select Show product on catalog so that it appears as available in your online catalog.

If you want to control your inventory, select the Manage Stock option and add the amount of items you currently have on hand. You can also set a minimum value for the app to notify you of stock fluctuations for an specific product.

Goods with low stock will show a circle in the upper right corner of the images. If the circle is orange, it means the stock is at a minimum; if it's red, it's already zeroed.

3) Build your online catalog


Once all products have been registered and added to specific categories, it's time to work on customizing your catalog. Check out some of our examples:



4) Share your shop with the world using social media


Now your catalog can be viewed on WhatsApp, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram!

This means that you will be able to use all the marketing features of these platforms to get new customers, who will be redirected to your catalog to complete their orders. You will also have access to several channels of Β interaction with loyal customers.

As each platform has a different integration process, we've created some tutorials to help you set them up.



5) Receive orders 24 hours a day


Once your opening hours are set, just wait for the orders to arrive!

To make the completion of purchases easier, offer customers several forms of payment to choose directly in the online catalog and pay on delivery or pickup.


Do you offer deliveries everywhere? List options and values ​​in the online catalog, manage your deliveries and keep customers updated during the entire process using the personalized statuses.


Take advantage of the customer balance feature to offer cashback and have your customers always return and buy from you.



Now it's all set to offer consumers everything they want. Good sales! πŸš€

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