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online catalog

A refreshed, trendier catalog

With a more appealing design, it'll make your catalog feel even more in tune with your brand: customized colors, grid item view, and extra spotlight for your products right on the homepage.
expense management

Expense and payable management

Turn managing your business expenses into an easy, quick, and efficient task. Log expenses in a snap, handle payments smoothly, and get reminders for due and overdue bills.
supplier management

Supplier management system

Keep your supplier list tidy and organized with less hassle. Speed up your negotiations, pay for purchases on time, and foster trust with your suppliers.

What Kyte users say

Check out the reviews of some of our customers who are taking charge of their own business.
"I loved my free trial. I fell in love with this app and had no choice but to purchase it. I love the receipt system, the stock feature, and the barcode. Until you try this, you won't understand. A must-have for your business."
"This is easier to use compared to other POS apps. You can monitor and adjust your stock anytime. The online catalog is better than other POS. Highly recommended."
Kyte customer
Almen Panomblayan
Saudi Arabia, Asia
"This app has everything we need: product cost, selling price, inventory value, different levels of access to sellers, online catalog, and FB/IG integration. What else do we need?"
Kyte customer
Angeline Lim
Malaysia, Asia
"I am extremely pleased. My whole team finds it easy to navigate and use, even the non-tech-savvy ones. The customer service staff are incredibly helpful and quick to respond to any minor issues or questions."
Kyte customer
Jonathan Miljure
Canada, North America
"This is a perfect app. It's what I've been looking for for a long time... It's got all the functions I need. I can send a catalog of all my products to clients for online orders."
Kyte customer
Rawlings Scott
Nigeria, Africa
"It's never been so much easy to set up a POS and online ordering system. I have full control of my staff and sale and I can keep a good record of my customers. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for online POS."
Kyte customer
Adnan Afzal
Pakistan, Asia

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