Understand How Kyte Plans Can Help Your Business Grow

Kyte offers four plan options to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. See which option is best for you

Kyte was created with the primary objective of helping small merchants grow their businesses. Therefore, it offered a simple and complete point of sale on mobile or tablet.

Over time, we realized that even small entrepreneurs wanted and needed more – more resources, more tools, more support. With that in mind, Kyte has evolved.

Today, it offers four plan options that vary depending on the tools and the business objective. Each one is best suited to a particular moment of the entrepreneurial journey.

Kyte has from a more simplified set of tools for those who are starting a business, to more robust features for those who have been in the market for a while and are looking to make the business even more professional.

Discover below all the details of the plans offered: FREE, PRO, GROW, and PRIME.

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📱 FREE Plan

The FREE plan is aimed at those who are starting a business. It is essential for entrepreneurs at the beginning of the journey and who are still in the process of understanding how things work.

For that, they need a simple system with the basic tools to start selling their products or services. The focus here is to make it easier for small traders to enter the market.

In this option, Kyte works only on smartphones and tablets.

Check out the FREE plan features:

Point of Sales

With Kyte FREE, you can display your goods on the internet, make and record all your sales and have simplified control of your business. All this thanks to a complete and hassle-free point of sale.

Online Catalog / Menu

All your products are displayed in an online catalog that can be customized with the colors that best match your brand. 

In addition, this virtual showcase can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, as it is available on a special link (your-business.kyte.site – see a demo here). 

You don't have to worry about hosting or buying a domain. You can share your catalog link with your contacts on WhatsApp, social networks, and wherever else you want.

It is also possible to place your brand logo and information about your business, such as contact phone number and WhatsApp, social media profiles, and address, if you have a physical store.

1 Picture Per Product

In the FREE plan, you can register only 1 photo per item. 

But you can organize yourself better and keep your customer well-informed thanks to the existing fields for registering products: product name, sales price, promotional price, product category (you can create as many as you need), item description, barcode, cost price, and sale per unit or fraction (kilograms, liters, meters).

1 User / Seller

In this plan, you can only have 1 user registered on Kyte. This means that if you have employees, you will not be able to create profiles for them. You will only have yours.

Custom Digital Receipts

You can create personalized digital receipts with your store's and customer's logo and key information, generate a PDF file, and share it via email, WhatsApp, or social networks.

Support Via Help Center

In the FREE plan, traders can clear their doubts about the Kyte system by consulting our tutorials and guides. All materials are available in our Help Center.

The tutorials are very explanatory and have photos, GIFs, and videos to answer users' questions clearly and objectively. Everything for you to stay well informed about how to use Kyte.

FREE plan price: completely free (obviously). What's more: when you create an account, you have 7 days of access to the GROW planfree of charge – to enjoy the benefits it offers (plan information below).

The Ideal Sales System

More than a tool to sell, Kyte helps you manage your business as a whole and build customer loyalty. Try it!

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🚀 PRO Plan

The PRO plan is for traders who opened a business a while ago and want to expand their operations. It is essential for entrepreneurs who have already acquired some experience and want to go further.

This group needs a system with tools that help in the organization of tasks and with which they can offer more convenience to customers, increasing the chances of loyalty.

In this option, Kyte works only on smartphones and tablets.

Kyte App screenshots.
Kyte App screenshots

In the PRO plan, you have access to all the features of the FREE plan and the following benefits:

Online Ordering

While in the FREE plan you are the one who has to make the sales process in the system, in the PRO plan your customer can make the purchase and pay for it independently – that is, your store is open to selling online at any time.

By activating the online ordering feature, you give customers the freedom to access your catalog, add items to their cart, choose whether they want to receive the purchase at a specific address or if they prefer to pick it up at the store (if you have a physical point), and the payment method.

Your customers can pay at the time of delivery or pickup or pay online. For this, you need to have or create an account at Stripe.

Order Management

In the PRO plan, you receive numerous orders and do not get lost. Kyte's order manager concentrates all requests in one place and offers custom status settings for you to organize yourself better.

You can classify an order as “Pending”, “Confirmed”, “Out For Delivery”, or any other information you want to pass on to the customer.

Integration With Social Media

Those who want to expand the business need to increase the reach of the brand. Therefore, Kyte offers integrations with social media. 

This way, you can be in environments where customers spend more time and increase the chances of selling on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Shopping.

Facebook Pixel

This special feature allows you to gain access to important information about your business, such as how many people have viewed your content, searched within your site, added items to their cart, and completed purchases.

The purpose of Facebook Pixel is to help you understand the interest and behavior of clients on your website and, based on that, develop more targeted strategies, such as personalized content and ads according to the profile of visitors.

7 Pictures Per Product

In the PRO plan, you can register up to 7 photos per product, exploring more angles of your goods.

Banner In The Catalog

You have the possibility of placing a banner at the top of your catalog to advertise discounts, highlight important messages, or even add an image of your store or brand. The piece makes your virtual showcase more professional and interesting.

3 Users / Sellers

In this plan, you can have up to 3 users registered with Kyte. This means that if you have employees, you can register your profile and that of 2 other employees.

Kyte's multi-user system allows you to configure custom permissions for each account and even monitor sales made by each registered employee. 

Inventory Management

In the PRO plan, you can control your inventory and sell with much more organization. It is possible to have access to information such as the number of products in stock, how many items are low in stock, and how many are out of stock (as long as you keep this data always up to date).

In addition, the system displays an indication when certain goods are close to running out or have run out. That way, you don't run the risk of selling something you don't have anymore.

On Account System & Store Credits

With the PRO plan, you offer more convenience to your customers by allowing them to buy from your store now and pay later. And you don’t have to worry because the Kyte system has a tool that helps you not get disorganized with clients' payments.

You can check how much each customer owes, send charges via WhatsApp and even add credits so that clients keep a prepaid balance in your store and have more chances to buy again.

Printed Receipts

While in the FREE plan you can generate digital receipts and send them to customers, in the PRO you can print these receipts on the spot for the client. 

To do this, just activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet and connect it to a printer.

Reports & Statistics (Analytics)

One of the biggest perks of the PRO plan is knowing exactly how your business is doing. 

Kyte offers complete and clear reports on the progress of your sales, your revenue, average ticket, profit, most used payment methods, best-selling products, and even customers who buy the most.

Chat Support

In the PRO plan, you can request assistance in our Help Center at any time. Just open the Kyte App, go to Help in the menu, click on the little green balloon in the left corner of the screen and start a chat explaining the question or problem.

This is a direct channel with our specialists and you receive a response as soon as possible.

PRO plan price: US$ 7.99 per month or US$ 79.99 per year.

💻 GROW Plan

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The GROW plan is aimed at merchants who want to grow their businesses. They have more experience and time in the market and want to increase their possibilities.

The focus here is to optimize the management of the business and deal with it more maturely and professionally. 

In this option, Kyte works on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

In the GROW plan, you have access to all the features of the PRO plan and the following benefits:

Computer Version

This is the biggest advantage of the GROW plan. With it, you access and work with your point of sale from your computer. For those dealing with a larger sales flow, it is the ideal solution.

The Kyte Web version streamlines the processing and organization of orders and sales

This way, you manage your business from your computer when you are at your workstation or the cashier in your store, for example, and you can monitor the progress of sales from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Tip: you don't need to download Kyte on your computer to use the PC version. It is accessed from your browser. To login to your Kyte Web account, access this link: https://web.kyteapp.com/login.

Bulk Import Of Products

If you use another sales system and have a huge list of items in stock or have purchased a large volume of products recently, don't worry. 

In the GROW plan, you can easily bring them all to Kyte without having to register one by one. Just bulk import the products.

10 Users / Sellers

In this plan, you can have up to 10 users registered with Kyte. This means that if you have employees, you can register your profile and that of 9 other employees. Managing your team is easier with Kyte's multi-user system.

GROW plan price: US$ 11.99 per month or US$ 119.99 per year.

🏆 PRIME Plan

The PRIME plan is aimed at traders who want to consolidate their businesses in the market once and for all. They are entrepreneurs with experience in the sector and who are looking for innovation.

The plan offers the most complete version of Kyte, with robust and modern features designed to help merchants take their brands to the next level.

In this option, Kyte works on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

In the PRIME plan, you have access to all the features of the GROW plan and the following benefits:

Unlimited Users / Sellers

In the PRIME plan, you don't have to worry about profile limits. You can register your entire team without any problem.

Onboarding Team

PRIME customers have a dedicated team to help them arrive at Kyte. In addition to helping with any questions you may have, they carry out the entire process of integrating your catalog with social networks, making your life a lot easier.

WhatsApp Support

Only PRIME customers have priority access to our support team. Therefore, they receive service much faster. And that's not all: only those who are PRIME can talk to our specialists via WhatsApp. Really, a differentiated service.

Prime plan price: US$ 19.99 per month or US$ 199.99 per year.

🤩 Do you understand the differences between each plan? So now is the time to evaluate which option is best for your business. Click here and choose the one that most resonates with you. 🎯
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