Facebook Live Shopping - How to Easily Sell Online?

The digital shopping market is expected to hit revenues up to $4 trillion

The world’s population is estimated at 7.8 billion, and almost a quarter of them (26.28%) are online shoppers. Online shopping is witnessing a meteoric rise, and the US alone expects to have 300 million online shoppers by 2023, accounting for 91% of the entire population.

Jumping on the bandwagon of online shopping, Facebook has introduced another new feature, ‘Facebook live shopping,’ that allows you to sell products on a live stream. You can not just interact with your viewers in real-time, but you can also provide product links that your viewers can click on to buy the products. You can also demonstrate your products, share information, and answer any questions your viewers may have.

Here are some tips you can use to easily sell online:

  • Time your live stream right

To start, check “Insights” on your Facebook page to understand when your audience is the most active. It is wise to broadcast during this time so that you can reach the maximum number of viewers. Being consistent with your live stream timings, you can let your viewers know when and where to find you.

  • Do longer live streams

Live videos that are an hour or more long get bumped up in the newsfeeds. Make sure that you are live long enough to get maximum eyeballs and increased engagement.

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Facebook Live Shopping can easily help you to increase your onlines sales, demonstrate your products and share information in real time.

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  • Prepare well before a live stream

Before you go on a live stream, make sure that you have your product list ready and have typed up the sale tags.

  • Double-check your equipment beforehand

You would never want to have a tech issue crop up in the middle of a live stream, would you? To prevent such issues, make sure to set up and test your equipment before going live.

  • Create hype for your live broadcast

If you want more people to tune in to your live stream, you need to create awareness and hype. A short teaser video and incentives for tuning in could do the trick.

More than anything else, make sure to personalize your live streams. Make sure your live streams are interactive and involve the viewers. You should try to address your viewers by name and give them a shout out, especially during a live sale. Nothing beats a personalized shopping experience.

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