How Can I Use Instagram Live Shopping to Drive Sales?

In August 2020, Instagram launched the new live shopping feature in the United States, allowing brands and creators to sell products during a live stream

If you are looking for ways to boost your online sales, Instagram Live Shopping might just be the answer. The new feature allows those with access to an Instagram checkout tag to tag products from their catalog or Facebook shop, providing a new way to shop on the app.

Here are some tips on how to boost sales using Instagram Live Shopping:

  • Personalize your live stream

Instagram live streams allow you to connect more intimately with your viewers. Personalizing your live stream can help you connect better with your audience, making you more relatable to them. Personalization can help drive engagement, boosting your sales.

  • Focus on the audience

Most live broadcasters focus more on themselves rather than the audience. Hence, they start sounding scripted or pushy for sales, which can drive the audience away. Focus on your audience and let them know more about you and your company. You may talk about yourself and your company and how your products can add value to their lives.

  • Be genuine

When you are genuine and show your true emotions, it helps your audience connect with you more. Use genuine emotions to tell a story so that it helps you build a meaningful connection with your audience, driving engagement.

Instagram Live Shopping

Focus on the audience can be a powerfull way to increase your online sales using Instagram Live Shopping.

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  • Keep it fun

You wouldn’t tune in to a boring live stream, and neither would your audience. Try and keep your live stream fun, interactive, entertaining, and light. When people enjoy your live streams, they are more likely to return for future broadcasts and also encourage others to do so.

  • Look and sound professional

Keeping your broadcasts fun and entertaining does not mean that you do not need to look and sound professional. Professionalism is crucial, and it is a must that you portray yourself and your brand in the best light possible.

By using Instagram Live Shopping, you open up a range of opportunities to build your community, make genuine connections with your viewers, and create loyal customers. If you have not yet used Instagram Live Shopping, it is time you take a closer look at it.

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