How to Build Your Online Grocery Store

We've created a comprehensive guide so that you can build the virtual grocery store of your dreams

The concept of selling groceries used to be a brick and mortar store turf.

The possibility of making a virtual store for every household good can seem like a nightmare. Still, the dawn of the digital age has been pushing business owners forward with innovation and determination.

Food remains the least developed product in the eCommerce world, which means there are ways to jumpstart businesses and succeed.

It requires a solid understanding of your market, for one, as with a compelling virtual store that showcases what you have to offer.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a virtual grocery store:

Step 1: Choose your ordering platform

There’s no denying it: to succeed in the virtual world of grocery shopping, you’ll need an incredibly powerful platform to get you through. You’ll need the help of POS systems, which will allow you to manage sales and products, a website to showcase your products, and an ordering system to process orders and deliver them.

For an entrepreneur only starting, such platforms can kill your budget.

However, there are free and low-cost platforms to begin your online journey.

Step 2: Create a seamless customer experience

You’re not the only online store offering groceries – to ensure that you get the best sales rates, a smart approach to online selling is necessary. Here are the top elements you must take into consideration:

  • Product presentation: Remember that your customers go through decisions before purchasing, helping them arrive at decisions faster by providing them with comprehensive product information. Make sure that you use high-quality photographs, as well as reviews they check while shopping.
  • Product display: As with brick and mortar grocery stores, an online store needs a strategically-placed product catalog. You’ll want to capture your audience’s attention immediately, so begin by offering today’s special produce. As they scroll through, follow it up with the dairy, milk, and eggs, and then the toiletries and other products. Your customers have varying needs, however, so it’s best to keep experimenting.
  • Product navigation: Unfortunately, some customers will want a straightforward experience, compelling them to look for the search bar, so make sure that your product catalog is user friendly. It should allow them to navigate through your website without any problems, so ensure that they always find what they need.

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Step 3: Develop the purchase process and online delivery

The final step to building your online grocery is the payment process and delivery. Your payment could either be paid online or upon delivery, where you should ensure that cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Your delivery options, on the other hand, should focus solely on your customer’s convenience. They need to have options, too—can they pick up their groceries instead, have them delivered door-to-door, or instantly through express delivery.

Moreover, you should be able to come up with ways to help them track their orders. An automated messaging system will do the trick, helping them know when their orders are on their way.


Succeeding in the food eCommerce can be tricky, as it entirely depends on the products you offer, and how efficient your systems are. Grocery store shopping remains to be a real experience, where customers prefer to handpick their items.

To ensure that your endeavor is met with success, invest in customer experience. Offer a personalized approach, quick and efficient systems, and quality goods. As long as you have the right platform to help jumpstart your venture, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful online grocery retailer!

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