How a Banner In The Catalog Can Make Your Brand More Professional

Understand how a simple piece can have a very positive effect on people’s perception of your brand

When talking about banners, many people still imagine those big and expensive things to put in strategic physical points and try to draw attention to the store. But today a banner can be a simple photo in a prominent place on a website.

The traditional concept of a banner indicates that it is an advertising piece, whether physical or virtual, with a short and direct message about the brand.

But this piece goes beyond the objective of selling a specific item, as it also serves to attract the eyes of consumers to your store as a whole.

Today you will understand the advantages of a banner in the online catalog and how to create your own.

How To Use a Banner In The Catalog

Two entrepreneurs observe banner in store catalog

There are several possible banner formats and many ways to use it to your advantage.

On the internet, it is common to access a website and find pieces from major brands advertising specific products on the sides or top of the page.

The truth is that a banner is a versatile piece and gives your store more professionalism

With it, you can highlight your brand or the segment of products you sell, and also help to establish your business image in the minds of consumers. Choosing a certain combination of colors and designs makes it easier for them to remember you.

Established brands in the market use banners purely as advertising and pay for them. In your case, you don't have to worry about exorbitant expenses.

A simple photo or montage, even from your brand's logo, is enough to use and highlight your order website page.

Here's how you can use a banner in your catalog:

  • to offer limited-time promotions;
  • to inform about special offers;
  • to pass on important messages, such as holiday opening hours;
  • to publicize news, such as a new type of delivery;
  • to highlight a specific product or service;
  • to inform when the stock of a product is running out;
  • to highlight your store name.
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How To Create Your Banner

There are several online tools, both free and paid, to build a banner for your catalog. 

You can opt for ready-made templates found on the internet and make small changes to make your brand look like it.

It is also possible to create your piece from scratch with the help of platforms like Canva or Photoshop. They have several resources to create a banner the way you want.

Whatever tool you choose, you need to pay attention to some tips to be able to use the piece in the best possible way and convey the desired message.

Check out some of them:

  • Think of a prominent layout, after all, the banner needs to attract attention. Just be careful not to stray too far from your visual identity.
  • Do not exaggerate the amount of information. If you are going to use a sentence, write something short, striving for clarity and objectivity.
  • Be careful not to leave the banner polluted with too many images or drawings.
  • Try to use quality photos in the banner, in high resolution.
  • If you're going to highlight a specific message, choose fonts or symbols that allow the person to catch the eye and already understand the message.
  • Try to update the banner with some frequency. Thus, it will look like your store is always news.

How To Place a Banner In The Catalog

Kyte catalog banner exchange demo

With Kyte, you can place a banner in your catalog and update it whenever you want with just a few clicks on your mobile.

By subscribing to the PRO plan, you have access to this function to make your store even more professional and attractive.

Before that, you need to pay attention to some specifications to be able to take advantage of the feature. First, the image needs to be in landscape mode, that is, horizontally. Second, the banner needs to be 1136 px wide and 284 px high.

Lastly, the photo file needs to be in JPG or PNG.

Here's how to place a banner in your Kyte catalog:

  1. Open the Kyte App, access the menu, and click Online Catalog.
  2. Go to Display options and then Banner.
  3. Click Upload banner. You can snap a photo right away or select an image from your phone's library.
  4. Go to Save and you're done!

To change the piece, just click Edit banner, select another image on your smartphone and save. 

The banner is displayed at the top of the catalog and is visible on all pages, with the exception of the cart screen, where the purchase is completed.

Did you like it? So run and create your banner now!

🌟 To change the banner on Kyte you only need your phone. But to manage your business in the best possible way, the ideal is to have a robust platform like Kyte Web. Try it now! 🔝
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