Why Does Having a Custom Website Can Increase Your Chances of Profit?

By using your own page for your store, you get in touch with the customers and show that your business is very professional

Having an official place for your brand on the internet is very simple nowadays. You can use social networks, for example, as your main advertising and even sales environment, whether from a business profile or marketplaces.

However, when you have a website, the image your business conveys is that of a more professional company

Of course, consumers often look for a brand first on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, but with your own page, you can offer more information and resources to customers.

By depending on social networks, you are restricted to the features they offer and cannot go beyond.

Understand how a custom website can help you profit much more from your store and see how to have one without much effort.

What Are The Advantages of Having a Unique Website?

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By having a website for your brand, you demonstrate that you care about having your own unique place for your business.

From this, you pass a more professional and more credible image of your company. 

In addition, social networks are extremely popular, but depending on your audience, this force can be smaller or segmented. 

In other words, maybe your customers don't use all platforms on a daily basis and prefer one or the other.

To prevent part of your audience from being excluded or having to create an account on certain social networks in order to reach your brand, having a website is a more democratic path. That's because the person doesn't need to have an account anywhere to access your link.

With a unique website for your brand, you:

  • customize the page your way to match your company;
  • advertise your products in your own catalog;
  • keep your store open 24 hours a day;
  • bring together all available communication channels, such as WhatsApp, social networks, telephone, and email, in the same place;
  • provide a direct channel to your virtual store;
  • keep important information up-to-date, such as address and opening hours;
  • has more freedom to promote your materials and contents;
  • strengthen the relationship with your audience;
  • have more control over the access data to your page (on social networks, you are stuck with the information they provide).

Any type of business can have a unique website. You just need to customize it according to your industry and the characteristics of your brand.

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How To Have a Unique Website For My Store?

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Do you remember when having a website was very difficult and expensive? With technology, this complication is behind us.

If you are interested in setting up your own page for your store, know that you don't have to go looking for specialized companies or specific professionals. 

With Kyte, you just have to worry about thinking about how you want the page.

When subscribing to the PRIME plan, one of Kyte's experts will contact you to explain the site creation process and get specific information to make it the way you want it.

You inform what you want on the site, the layout style, the photos you want to display, the service channels you want to make available, and even if you want to make available the direct link to your virtual store.

And it doesn't end there: if you already have your own domain and want to use it on your new site, Kyte helps you. 

Just let the experts know about it at the time of contact and they'll do all the necessary setup.

What you will need to do is verify your personal link at your domain provider (in other words, prove that you own the domain). But don't worry, the Kyte team will help you with any questions you may have.

In addition to all the advantages of having a website of your own, you enjoy all the benefits of a sales and management system designed especially for small businesses.

Custom website created by Kyte for demo store
Custom website created by Kyte for demo store

How Long Will The Website Be Ready?

The time to create your brand's unique website is primarily up to you.

That's because the Kyte team can only start working on the page after submitting the necessary information about your business. 

That is, the faster you send everything, the faster the process.

Once that's done, the Kyte team takes all the information, builds the site the way you want it, and puts it online. The process usually takes up to two weeks

At any time, you can call the onboarding team to know the progress of the process or ask questions via WhatsApp or chat (available in the Help Center).

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