Why Use a Computer To Run Your Business?

The cell phone can represent great practicality, but as the company grows, it becomes necessary to use a more robust tool to handle the demands

The cell phone has become a fundamental part of people's lives, especially business people. As technology evolves, more and more can be done with these devices. 

If before it was necessary to have a powerful computer to open a business, nowadays you can do that using only your cell phone.

However, as the business grows, the demands increase, as does the pace of work. And to handle everything without getting lost or overloaded, it becomes necessary to re-evaluate the platform used.

Understand the advantages of using a computer to manage your business and how to start this journey today.

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Why Use a Computer To Manage The Business?

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You already know that a cell phone is an efficient tool. With it, you can coordinate and monitor your business's movements from wherever you are – without having to carry any weight.

But think about it: depending on the volume of sales and stock, the number of employees hired, and the number of platforms on which your store operates, is it possible to manage all this from the small screen of a cell phone?

No matter how big the devices are these days, there comes a time when that little rectangle is not enough. You need a bigger screen to be able to view everything in a comfortable and organized way.

Also, as modern as they are, cell phones still lag behind computers in terms of performance. In other words, using a PC to manage your business represents more agility in your day-to-day.

In view of this, check out the advantages of using a computer in the management of your business:

  • ability to manage multiple actions at the same time;
  • more agility to perform and coordinate tasks;
  • comfort to visualize graphs and tables;
  • facility to print any type of document;
  • more typing and communication speed, as the keyboard is bigger;
  • ability to handle more complex projects without having to switch between screens;
  • purchasing a notebook is cheaper than investing in a top-of-the-line cell phone.

How To Start Using The Computer To Run a Business? 

Kyte Web screen
Kyte Web screen

Normally, to run a business using your cell phone, you need to install apps to get started. With a computer, this is not necessary.

And with Kyte, you don't even need to install software on your machine. With Kyte for PC, you access everything using just your browser.

Kyte Web is ideal for those who have been in the market for a while and want to develop their own business. It helps streamline management, organize sales and financial data, track employee performance, and much more.

With it, you:

  • streamline the processing and organization of orders and sales;
  • view all important information regarding your stock on the same screen;
  • have access to complete and clear reports about your enterprise;
  • easily find all your customers' contact details;
  • have quick access to your sales history;
  • generate and send receipts to your customers in seconds;
  • take online orders and complete sales quickly and hassle-free;
  • perform physical sales faster when using a barcode scanner connected to Kyte.

By subscribing to the GROW plan, you have access to all the advantages of Kyte for PC, in addition to importing products in bulk, the possibility of registering up to 10 users in your Kyte account, integration of your store with social networks, special support via chat, and a lot more.

Tip: you don't need to download Kyte on your computer to use the PC version. It is accessed from your browser.

Here's how to get started with Kyte for PC:

  1. Access Kyte Web from your computer and choose an option to log in. You can sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account or with your email.
  2. If you still don't have an account, just enter your email, register your name and password, and click Create Account.
  3. Accept the General Conditions of Use and go to Start.
  4. Done! If it's your first time on Kyte, you have 7 days free of the GROW plan to enjoy the advantages of this sales and management system.

And if you enjoy everything Kyte Web has to offer, you can do even more for your business with the PRIME plan

With it, you have support via WhatsApp and from the onboarding team, in addition to all the advantages of the GROW plan.

🤩 Try managing your store from your computer with Kyte Web. Invest today in transforming your business and take the first step on your journey to success! 🚀

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