WhatsApp For Sales: How To Use the App To Sell Products

Using WhatsApp for sales is a great technique to optimize your time and facilitate interaction with customers

Knowing how to use WhatsApp for sales is a huge advantage for merchants as it is one of the most popular social networks in the digital world.

Nowadays it's very difficult to find someone who doesn't use or doesn't have WhatsApp, right? It is among the best social networks to sell and can be used as a sales and service channel

So, check out how to use WhatsApp for sales and profit even more from the platform. 

What Are the Advantages of Selling via WhatsApp?

Selling on WhatsApp ensures more proximity to your customers and gives your company a more professional image

That's because people have more direct contact with you, whether to buy, ask questions or simply make sure that your business is for real.

According to a survey, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app downloaded on the Google Play Store in the United States.

The application is very popular and present in people's routines, so it is an excellent opportunity to implement the tool in your business. 

In addition to being free and very simple to use, it has a business version with unique features to help merchants with day-to-day sales.

What Sells the Most on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is very versatile when it comes to commercial branches. After all, it is not a social network that displays products from different stores in an online catalog, like Instagram or Facebook.

It is possible to display a catalog on a WhatsApp business profile, but it is different from marketplaces and stores on other social networks.

The goods only appear to users when they click on the company's profile through a WhatsApp link or the phonebook (if the number is listed there). 

Therefore, you can sell any item or service from your store in the app. Check out some ideas below of what you can sell on WhatsApp:

  • clothing, accessories, and shoes;
  • food and drinks;
  • beauty items;
  • electronics;
  • decorative objects.

How To Use WhatsApp For Sales: 15 Steps to Profit

Man reads about how to use WhatsApp for Sales

WhatsApp is one of the social networks that people use the most to communicate and where they spend the most time. So, see below 15 steps on how to use WhatsApp for sales and take the opportunity to win even more customers!

1) Separate a Number For Your Company

Having a number just for your company is very important to ensure your security, as it will be publicized on social media, and many people will have access.

In addition, you do not run the risk of mixing personal and professional matters and still manage to establish a specific time to provide customer service.

Therefore, provide a number for your business and separate moments of the day to focus on service through it. 

If it is possible and financially viable, have two cell phones to better manage the communication of your business or check if your device has an input for two chips.

2) Use WhatsApp Business

The application's business account is called WhatsApp Business and has several features that make it easier for shopkeepers to organize themselves and serve customers.

Just like a business profile on Instagram or Facebook, it allows you to better connect with consumers and check essential metrics to strategize your business.

With the business version of WhatsApp, you can:

  • answer questions from potential buyers or customers quickly;
  • send important information, such as store changes or flash promotions;
  • create and manage a catalog to showcase your products and services;
  • set up automatic replies;
  • create a business profile with all essential information about your store;
  • know the number of messages that were sent, delivered, and read in the app;
  • create labels to organize your customers' contacts and find them faster and easier.
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3) Create a Catalog on WhatsApp

Creating and managing a catalog on WhatsApp is an excellent way to showcase your products and services in the app and shorten the consumer's path to checkout.

With this tool, you can register up to 500 items and insert up to 10 photos of each product. In addition, each item can have a unique title, price, and description.

Create your online catalog on WhatsApp and share its link on your social networks to start selling directly through the app.

How To Create a WhatsApp Catalog

Creating a WhatsApp catalog is very quick and easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business App and go to Settings
  2. Tap on Business Settings and then on Catalog. This will take you to Catalog Manager. 
  3. Tap on Add Product or Service
  4. You’ll see a screen with product fields. Add product images, name, price, description, link, and code. 
  5. WhatsApp will review your product. This takes a minute or two and is indicated by a green clock icon on the product. 
  6. After approval, your product goes live. You can share your catalog with one individual or many potential or existing customers. 
  7. Managing your catalog is quick and easy. Tap on the product you wish to edit and then tap on the edit icon. Hit the three-dot icon to delete an item. 

4) Test WhatsApp Web

The desktop version of the platform, WhatsApp Web, can be an alternative for those who use more PCs than cell phones at work

Test this modality or, if you prefer, download the application directly to your computer. See which model suits you best.

If you are adept at using the computer in a professional environment, get to know Kyte for PC and enjoy all the benefits of the system to sell anywhere!

5) Promote Your Phone Number

To increase your sales on WhatsApp, it's no use limiting yourself only to consumers whose numbers you already have or who already know you. It is necessary to expand

Therefore, put your contact on other social networks and disclose it whenever someone sends messages there. 

6) Organize Your Contact List

Add customers who message you and organize your schedule so you can keep in touch with all of them. 

Keeping a customer record is very important to know who you are talking to and view the person's purchase history in your store.

Don't forget to ask people for permission to send messages about your business, as not everyone likes to receive information after asking questions or making a purchase.

So ask beforehand so you don't run the risk of pushing buyers away.

7) Automate Some Messages

Personalizing messages and sending them to each of your contacts takes a lot of your work time. 

With that in mind, broadcast lists were created. You select people's numbers, click New broadcast and send a message as if it were going to a WhatsApp group. 

However, each one of them will receive an individual message, as if you had just opened a conversation with that person. Thus, you save time and reach a greater number of customers.

Be careful not to use the broadcast list at all times. Prefer to use it only on occasions such as product launches, commemorative dates, promotions with a deadline, and important changes in your point of sale.

8) Explore WhatsApp Status

Merchant takes a photo of a product to sell it on WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp status (a resource equivalent to Instagram Stories) to spread the news about your company and get even closer to consumers, whether through photos, videos, or story templates.

Take the opportunity to explore the sense of urgency and pique people's curiosity, as this type of content disappears after 24 hours and is not saved in the application.

9) Make WhatsApp Your Main Customer Service Channel

In addition to using WhatsApp for sales, you can also provide personalized service to customers. Support them, ask questions and ask for feedback on your work.

Take the time to serve people on this channel and take your service to another level.

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10) Send Relevant Messages

Avoid polluting conversations with spam. That is, do not send irrelevant messages in chats, and do not confuse the professional with the personal. 

Sure, proximity to buyers is important for business, but there are limits. Try to send only information about your company. 

And be careful not to send out too many ads. Intersperse with useful messages and tips on how to use and/or care for your product or how to order something from your digital menu, for example.

11) Be Brief and To the Point

Speak to customers clearly and objectively, without using ambiguous phrases, which can have more than one meaning.

Try to write and address subjects with a language that is more appropriate for your field of activity and your audience, analyzing the best way to communicate.

12) Try Other Message Formats

Automated and ready messages don't always get people's attention. That's why WhatsApp lets you explore and test a variety of features to find the ones that work best for your business. 

Try uploading other types of media such as photos, videos, and audio about your merchandise. However, make sure they are brief.

13) Program the Content

Sending multiple messages throughout the day to buyers doesn't bring as many results as you'd expect. On the other hand, staying too long without sending news is dangerous, as your company can fall into oblivion.

The most efficient way to get around these situations is to take the time to craft the best messages and prepare a content calendar

This way, you do not repeat messages and only send useful information to your customers.

14) Get Customers' Cell Phones Through Rewards

Customer buys online via WhatsApp for sales

Since sending content on WhatsApp without the person's authorization is considered an invasive tactic, a good way out is to offer them something in exchange for the number.

Many companies invest in special content on a particular subject, such as ebooks and spreadsheets, to hook the customer. Maybe you still don't have the resources to produce materials like these. But there's no problem.

In this case, investing in discount coupons is a great option. If the person likes the promotion or the products in your store, they will be willing to give the phone number in exchange for the gift.

15) Have Your Delivery System on WhatsApp

Did you know that it is possible to have a delivery system via WhatsApp? Basically, shoppers place their online orders directly through the app and the store maintains communication of the delivery process there. 

This feature streamlines service and centralizes all purchase information in one place. One of the ways to implement the delivery system on your WhatsApp is using the Kyte system.

With it, you can handle this entire process, connect with your customers quickly, and follow all the steps of the process, from the confirmation of receipt of the order to the departure for delivery.

Kyte also provides several features to manage and increase your sales, such as personalized receipts, a digital menu, a layaway system, and a complete point of sale. 


Did you see how using WhatsApp for sales is easier than you thought? Now it's time to insert this strategy into your business and reap the rewards of combining sales and optimized service.

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