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We’re the sidekick of retailers and wholesalers! Experience a POS system that feels your pulse, inventory control that says goodbye to stockout scares, and an online storefront too neat to ignore.
41.446 small business owners use Kyte every day. Join them!
Kyte sales and management system

The basics for your operations – beautifully mastered

Turn every space into your business place. With real-time inventory sync, a multi-seller connection, and an online storefront, Kyte brings simplicity to every sale.

Seamless selling. Anytime. Anywhere

Seize the sale, wherever you are

From store corners to booming mobile ventures — dive into Kyte's dual magic of desktop-meets-mobile point of sale, turning any location into your sales hotspot.

We bring all your orders, products, and customer data together – without the tech hassle or heavy costs.

Your sales and orders sidekick

An all-encompassing POS. Perfect for the hustlers, the go-getters, and every sale in between.

A pocket-size powerhouse

Manage, monitor, and marvel at your business metrics, all from your mobile.
Kyte sales system
Synchronized squad

Mobile mastery for wholesalers

Empower your representatives with on-the-spot sales magic.

No more "Let me check" moments. Ditch the clunky product binders. Kyte's online catalog showcases it all – from the in-stock essentials to the "arriving soon" specials.

Create on-site sales stars

Seal deals instantly, anywhere. Show, sell, settle, all on the go.

Offer rep-ready resources

Arm your reps with real-time data. Impress clients, avoid overselling, and miss no opportunity.
Kyte online orders
Your living room's now a lucrative launchpad

Home’s where the business heart is

Turn every corner of your home into a place of business. We vibe with your passion and understand your unique struggles.

Which is why we help you consolidate your operations: Orders. Products. Customer Insights. All under one seamless umbrella.

Receipts as your brand's echo

Don’t just record sales, amplify your business. Stay professional whether you're in your home, at a fair, or on the go.

Be craft-to-customer ready

Go from Netflix to net gains – sell from a computer or phone while on the go. Blend and bend across your needs.
Kyte receipts
Kyte inventory system
Develop your inventory intuition

Inventory management in a snap

It's time to become the "Stock Whisperer"!

Tame that tricky inventory, dodge those "Oops-we're-out" moments, and lock in the lore of restocking rhythms.

Whether you're a wholesaler waltzing with clients or a small biz boss on the beat, our real-time sync keeps those human errors at bay.

Create a stock sync symphony

Keep tabs without the mess. Know what’s left, what's sold, and when it’s restocking time again.

Turn the inventory beast mode on

Be it 10 or 1000 products. With Kyte you can scan, count and update in minutes, not days.
Kyte online sales
Journey from cart to customer, simplified

Elevate ordering management with processes that flow

Dive into a centralized dashboard that offers a 360-degree view of all orders, ensuring timely processes and unmatched accuracy.

With real-time syncing, each order – big or small, bulk or bespoke – is handled with meticulous care, elevating your brand's reliability.

Unified order dashboard

Ensure transparency across channels and staff, so no order is left behind for an uncomplicated operation.

Instant order updates

Get updates every time an order happens with real-time sync across in-store and remote sales.
Kyte statistics
Less guesswork, more checkmates

Understand your business analytics to focus on what sells and ditch what doesn't

Every small business owner, from the home-based artisan to the wholesalers, knows that the devil is in the details.

Get actionable insights, allowing you to spot trends in customer behavior, anticipate stock needs, and optimize your sales strategy.

Our goal is to make your business data comprehensible, providing clarity and foresight that boost efficiency, increase profitability, and drive growth.

More ways to know your tribe

Learn what your loyal customers adore, and tailor your products and solutions accordingly.

Become a profit protégé

Get detailed breakdowns of sales trends, maximize profits with smarter buying, and glimpse the future of your finances.
Hassle-free online storefront

Every handshake matters – whether it's virtual or in-person

Why let a paper briefcase or Instagram DMs weigh you down?

We don't subscribe to the myths of tech hassles, lengthy setups, and gaping upfront costs. Kyte offers a social selling solution that is simple, swift, and cost-effective.

Make your products shine 24/7, no matter if your customers choose to shop over Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Embrace the world of social selling

Seamlessly connect across channels where every chat, comment, and like evolves into a sale.

Enter the zero commission zone

Why share your hard-earned profit? Grow with every sale without giving a slice away.
Kyte selling on social media
Your business on Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp

Social selling for businesses of every size

Synchronize your inventory across multiple platforms, so whether it's someone visiting your Instagram profile or a client looking to shop online, you're ready.

Direct customer orders through Kyte help you gain all the benefits of selling on a marketplace while saving on third-party commissions, maximizing profits.

Connect and sell on social platforms

Expand your reach. Easily link your digital catalog to major social platforms, allowing you to tap into a wider audience without extra effort.

Secure payment gateways

Offer a worry-free shopping experience. With integrated secure payment options, your clients can shop with peace of mind, knowing their transactions are in safe hands.
Kyte online payment
Unleash AI magic

Descriptions that don’t just describe, they sell!

Let Kyte's AI be your secret weapon in driving sales.

We trained our models with the best of the science of consumer behavior and the art of persuasive writing to craft product descriptions that captivate, resonate, and most importantly, convert.

AI-powered descriptions

Don’t just list, narrate stories. Every product gets its unique tale that entices and persuades.

Tailored for all

Whether you're a niche boutique, a wholesaler, or a passionate home-entrepreneur, our AI molds descriptions to fit your unique brand voice.
Kyte artificial intelligence
What's New

Dive into Kyte's latest features

Check out Kyte's newest tools designed to supercharge your experience and revolutionize your business.
online catalog

A refreshed, trendier catalog

With a more appealing design, it'll make your catalog feel even more in tune with your brand: customized colors, grid item view, and extra spotlight for your products right on the homepage.
expense management

Expense and payable management

Turn managing your business expenses into an easy, quick, and efficient task. Log expenses in a snap, handle payments smoothly, and get reminders for due and overdue bills.
supplier management

Supplier management system

Keep your supplier list tidy and organized with less hassle. Speed up your negotiations, pay for purchases on time, and foster trust with your suppliers.

What Kyte users say

Check out the reviews of some of our customers who are taking charge of their own business.
"I loved my free trial. I fell in love with this app and had no choice but to purchase it. I love the receipt system, the stock feature, and the barcode. Until you try this, you won't understand. A must-have for your business."
"This is easier to use compared to other POS apps. You can monitor and adjust your stock anytime. The online catalog is better than other POS. Highly recommended."
Kyte customer
Almen Panomblayan
Saudi Arabia, Asia
"This app has everything we need: product cost, selling price, inventory value, different levels of access to sellers, online catalog, and FB/IG integration. What else do we need?"
Kyte customer
Angeline Lim
Malaysia, Asia
"I am extremely pleased. My whole team finds it easy to navigate and use, even the non-tech-savvy ones. The customer service staff are incredibly helpful and quick to respond to any minor issues or questions."
Kyte customer
Jonathan Miljure
Canada, North America
"This is a perfect app. It's what I've been looking for for a long time... It's got all the functions I need. I can send a catalog of all my products to clients for online orders."
Kyte customer
Rawlings Scott
Nigeria, Africa
"It's never been so much easy to set up a POS and online ordering system. I have full control of my staff and sale and I can keep a good record of my customers. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for online POS."
Kyte customer
Adnan Afzal
Pakistan, Asia

Every business starts with a plan

Essential features to professionalize your business.
Mobile Version
Inventory management
Order management
Solutions for growing businesses looking for agility.
Mobile + Desktop Version
Import products in bulk
AI for Product Description Creation
+ All PRO features
For businesses looking for prime service.
Mobile + Desktop Version
Onboarding Team
WhatsApp support
+ All GROW features
Essential features to professionalize your business.
R$ 358,80
Mobile Version
Inventory management
Order management
Solutions for growing businesses looking for agility.
R$ 718,80
Mobile + Desktop Version
Import products in bulk
AI for Product Description Creation
+ All PRO features
For businesses looking for prime service.
R$ 1499,90
Mobile + Desktop Version
Onboarding Team
WhatsApp support
+ All GROW features

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Product Registration

Point of Sale

Online Catalog

Pictures per Product


Online Ordering

Order Management

Social Media Integration

Print Receipts

Bulk Product Import


Users / Sellers


Inventory Management


Facebook Pixel

Computer Version


Customer Registration

Custom Digital Receipts

Store Credits

Catalog Banner


Help Center

Guides to assist you during the journey.

Chat Support

Quick and direct contact with our experts.

WhatsApp Support

Priority access to our successful team.

Onboarding Team

Support to get your Kyte and your team ready to sell.

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