3 Online Order Changes You Need to Make for Your Restaurant

The struggles suffered with the pandemic in 2020 made customers rethink their priorities when ordering in. Health safety has become the number one concern and new protocols for delivery are needed

Online delivery is a godsend for many restaurants and customers. It lets restaurants make more sales through selling food online, and it allows customers to sit in the comforts of their home and enjoy food delivered straight to their doorsteps.

While online delivery has been around for quite a while, it has changed considerably due to the ongoing pandemic. Now, things that used to be normal are avoided, including paying for deliveries with cash, to curb the spread of the virus. But it does not stop there. Here are some of the changes you need to make for your online deliveries for safety reasons.


1. Promote your restaurant

People now are becoming more focused on hygiene. This means that they will likely second-guess going to an establishment if they are unsure about its cleanliness. If you are observing safety measures to keep your restaurant clean, you must share that information to reassure your customers. 


You can promote these efforts to keep your restaurant free from COVID-19 through many different channels. For instance, you can post on social media about the practices you have put into place for your employees or publish a notice on your website about what you're doing to ensure maximum safety.


These efforts give customers the peace of mind needed to order from your restaurant, and it can help build a positive reputation. When customers see that you care for their health, they care more about your business in return. This means that increasing awareness about health and safety is a win-win situation for you and your customers.


2. Employ contactless delivery


If you used to rely on cash payments for your deliveries, it is time to change that. There are several ways you can switch to contactless delivery. For example, you can allow your customers to pay via their credit cards through an online store or a mobile app, eliminating the need to transact with cash.

A great benefit to this is that it keeps in line with social distancing, and some of these apps can provide a variety of useful features. For instance, an app can let you display your menu items, allowing your customers to quickly check out what you offer and purchase what they need.


3. Offer healthy food items


Health is the name of the game nowadays, especially during the pandemic. To promote your customers' well-being, you can start offering healthy food options if you have not already. This is especially useful when trying to sell food to cautious customers who have begun to adopt a healthier lifestyle to combat the virus.


You can also create menus to fit the home-centric lifestyle. With so many people stuck at home, you can create brand-new menu items to fit work-from-home lifestyles and highlight your efforts to help bolster your customer's health.

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With these changes, you can continue to thrive as a business and better your community as a whole. By promoting health and safety to your customers, you aid in the effort to combat the spread of the virus and give yourself a positive image of a business that cares for the public.

Even when the pandemic is over, these changes can still be useful, especially contactless payments. They make it much easier for customers to buy your food, and they allow you to gain sales through multiple channels.


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