How to increase your sales using social media

Facebook and Instagram, or messaging apps like WhatsApp, can be great allies to increase your sales

Social media like Facebook and Instagram, or even messaging apps like WhatsApp, can be great allies for entrepreneurs like you when making a sale or building customer loyalty. There are several ways to work with them, and we have some tips and features that can help you ensure the success you are looking for.

Strengthen your digital marketing

Keep your online catalog up to date and send it to your customers by message or even to a transmission list that you can create on Whatsapp. In addition to creating a website and being able to receive orders 24 hours a day over the Internet, the Kyte catalog has something new: the WhatsApp order button, with it your customers can send a product from your catalog directly to you. Click here to learn how to enable this feature.

Social selling with Kyte

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Integrate Social Media

With Kyte you can integrate your catalog with social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition to tag your store's products in photos and stories on Instagram, sharing them and directing your followers to your catalog, your products can also appear in the Explore area of ​​the tool, generating more visibility for your business.


Create unique social media sales, analyze your content and see which products tend to attract the most attention and what you can do to drive more engagement for your next posts. You can also try out Facebook Ads to help boost sales, use this guide from Upbeat if need be.

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