How to Increase Sales By Building an Online Ordering System

Online ordering systems make shopping all the more convenient for users and businesses. And if you combine that with a point of sale system, you can quickly get the best of both worlds

Online shops are proving themselves worthy competitors to brick-and-mortar stores.

So if you haven't yet been utilizing the Internet to sell and attract customers, you might be behind.

Online ordering systems make shopping all the more convenient for users and businesses. And if you combine that with a point of sale system such as Kyte, you can quickly get the best of both worlds.

Choosing Your Platform

Building a website from the ground up is not easy nor cheap, so you'll want to scope out a provider with features that you can easily manage on your own or hire an agency to build you a platform.

Free options with customizable templates can be incredibly user-friendly but are often too limited.

On the other hand, if you don't see yourself as an e-commerce person, you might want to consider an Online Catalog for your retail business or Digital Menu Maker if you own a restaurant. Something that allows you to sell face to face and online.

Picking Out a Delivery System

Showcasing your items online is not enough to make it own the web and attract customers.

After you've picked a platform, the next big step is deciding how you're going to set up your delivery and pickup operation.

Many businesses choose a delivery platform such as Uber Eats, Delivery Hero, or Gloria Food, to name a few.

While they are all excellent platforms; however, paying a commission on every order or not having a POS integration can hurt your operation in the long run.

Kyte, for example, boasts online and offline ordering systems with a POS App to create custom receipts, collect customer information, manage inventory, and gain valuable insights based on data.

As much as possible, you'll want every new customer to come back to your site as a returning customer, making an effort to build lasting relationships.

Kyte makes the process more approachable by creating customer profiles. That way, you can engage with them in-store and online while keeping track of their buying habits. Keep them updated with an online catalog that they can access from anywhere.

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Launching Your Business Online

Getting your site online isn't just a one-step process. You're going to have to shop for a host as well as a domain. With Kyte, you don't need to worry about any of that, you can quickly launch your site as soon as you add your products.

It also offers inventory control and order management features that you can use without having to outsource help.

Performing Background Management

As with any online store, you'll have to deal with tons of digital paperwork such as receipts and summaries that can't be stored on your live system. You can easily hire IT management to sort through this data, but it may cost you a pretty penny.

Kyte leaves all the management responsibilities to you in a far more simplified manner. You can make informed decisions about future sales with automated reports and analytics and even manage your inventory on a single -- or multiple -- devices.

If you're employing staff members to take care of your accounting and other paperwork, you can also create staff accounts on your Kyte shop to better delegate tasks. As your store admin, you can limit actions and keep sensitive information secure.


Every business must come with a plan, and ignoring the Internet shouldn't be part of it. Setting up your online store can be incredibly complex, especially if you haven't done so before. Thus, it's essential to do your research and shop around before deciding on a platform.

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