How to Promote Your Online Ordering System

Local governments have advised against prolonged physical contact and exposure to the outside world. Thankfully, the online world makes ordering a breeze and so much more efficient than it used to be

A few months ago, the world was operating at full capacity, with the economy coming in at full swing and businesses booming up until recently. The rise of COVID-19 has forced companies to close, while others struggle to adapt and meet the needs of the "new normal."

Local governments have advised against prolonged physical contact and exposure to the outside world.
Thankfully, the online world makes ordering a breeze and so much more efficient than it used to be.
Here is a list of ways you can promote your online ordering system for best results:

Create a website

The best place to have an online ordering system in place would be on your very own website. Make sure the option is visible on the site using good graphics that redirect visitors to the order page when clicked. Check if your system is well-produced, with proper graphics and nicely taken photos to spice up the appearance of products and items people would want to buy.
If you don't have a website or can't afford to build one, some systems offer an online ordering site for free to get you started.

Create an interactive digital menu

If you are running a food and beverage business, having your menu on your website in an interactive form that allows them to order products without calling is essential.
Humans are inherently lazy and will often think twice if you give them too many steps to take before arriving at the final destination.
Make your menu easily usable and aesthetically pleasing to provide a better browsing experience.

Create content online

Writing a blog post, making a video, taking pictures, or posting stories on your feed about the items you offer online and the process behind making them are a great way to stand out.

Advertise In-Store

Even if business operations are down, the chances are that people will still pass, call, or also order take-out meals from a restaurant.
When people see advertisements that say they can now get their favorite things online without leaving their homes, they will likely still be loyal customers, or even better knowing they are safe.

Take your business online

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Create Promotional Materials For Packaging

Whether it be integrated with packaging or just a flier you stick in with your products being sold, the box-topping technique is worth a shot. It gives people a physical copy of your ad, which therefore makes them remember it better. They will also only need to input the URL and not memorize it and probably forget the whole thing.

Provide Discount Coupons For Online Ordering

To get people to want to utilize the online order feature, give them incentives to do so. Perhaps they bought something beforehand, making it a great time to stick a flyer with a promotional code that gives them (X)% off on a purchase made online for the first time. Promo codes are a great way to get people to buy things from your business online, which are a need in today's COVID-stricken world.

Use Social Media Intensively

Remember that billions of people use social media across all platforms and the different types of it. With this, you will want to extend your reach by updating social media pages and interacting with customers. Mention your online ordering services using a new Facebook post or a Tweet to reach your valued customers easily.


Online ordering is a need in today's world, as the threat of COVID-19 continues to rage on, with no cure seemingly in sight. The best option is to stay indoors as much as possible and keep safe and sanitized. Thankfully, we live in a world where the online sphere is exceptionally developed, so everything is more natural, and we are less likely to be bored.

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